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Breakfast and Lunch Menus


Breakfast at Mammy's Kitchen is Legendary.

Since 1953, Mammy's has served a Southern Style Buffet that will send you back for more every time. Reasonably priced, and stocked full of favorites like Scrambled Eggs, Grits, Crispy Bacon, Link and Patty Sausage, Fresh Fruit, Golden Waffles, French Toast and more. This is the real deal.

Of course, if you prefer to order individual items, Mammy's can handle that as well.You can view our breakfast menu by clicking the image to the left. Then, plan to join us for an experience and Myrtle Beach tradition that spans almost 60 years.
Remember, All roads lead to Mammy's Kitchen.

Dinner Menu


Shrimp, Scallops, Oysters, Fish, Deviled Crab, Chicken, Ribs, Pot Roast. Hushpuppies, Vegetables & More! When you think Myrtle Beach Buffet style, think of the Original. Mammy's Kitchen was cooking the best and serving the best before the roads were even paved. Want more proof? Check out all the comments on, the world's leading travel, and review website.

Make plans to join us for a fabulous dinner, but be warned.....the family will be begging for a return trip to Mammy's Kitchen. Afterall, it's a Tradition.

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